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2000 Mile Harvest | Welcome!

Run the 2000 Mile Harvest with JKD Harvesting, out of Colby, Kansas! We keep our top-of-the-line equipment upgraded and safe. You've never experienced a harvest until you've seen it this way!

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JKD Harvesting is a premier custom harvesting business, 400 miles west of Kansas City and 240 miles east of Denver. At our location we have two large steel buildings on 8 acres of ground, giving us an excellent base of operations as well as a great place to work.

JKD Harvesting is owned and operated by Jim and DeAnn Deibert. We take a lot of pride in the fact that harvesting is our ONLY enterprise during the harvest season! We believe in giving 100% to harvesting and bringing your crops from the field to the elevator. We are able to harvest about any crop grown in the midwest.

We run 5 John Deere S670 Combines with a variety of headers (MacDon 40' Flex Drapers, John Deere 612C & 608C, and John Deere Pickup Headers). We have 4-1000 bushel grain carts with scales to keep these combines moving in any crop to meet the needs of our customers. It also gives us the ability to split our machines to match different acerage.


Work For US!

Experience is something we can give you. This job has long hours at times and can get dirty. We try to treat you like family in that we provide you with good meals and a good place to live.

The experience you gain on this job will give you an education about all aspects of harvest in the High Plains.

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We keep our equipment current and have lots of it...


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